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CapDeck has helped over 10,000 businesses get access to over $1.6 billion in business funds. Trust CapDeck might have started as a question posed over lunch, but it has grown over the past decade to become one of the most trusted and reliable business funding companies in the United States.

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    Read on to learn more about our methods and how we have helped so many businesses in a relatively short period.

    We believe in every business’s uniqueness, and rather than turn businesses away because of their uniqueness, we embrace them and figure out how to provide business funding solutions that match their business models. The kind of business funding solution that we offer is simple, fast and flexible. It is the best kind of financial assistance a business can wish for.

    The CapDeck Features


    Applications takes less then 60 seconds


    Get approves within an hour


    Same day funding

    CapDeck funds your business with the capital it requires in as little as 24 hours

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    The speed with which businesses can get access to loans is one of the factors that gave birth to the idea of CapDeck as a company. Once a small business ourselves, we understand the amount of paperwork and the lengthy period required to get a business loan from traditional loan sources. Most businesses are able to access business loans from traditional lending sources in weeks if they are lucky. We wanted to change that – and we did!

    At CapDeck, the application process is streamlined to require less paperwork and put money in the hands of business owners in no time. In less than 30 seconds, most business owners can be done with the application process and await approval. To ensure that you don’t get confused about any part of the process, our expertly trained team of account representatives are always available to help.

    How long before you get your fund once it is approved?
    Less than a day or a few days, depending on the circumstance.

    The process of securing more funds for your business should not feel like a day in business school. Our application process is specially designed to be as simple as possible to enable business owners to get the funds they need more easily.

    Our account representatives are specially trained to ensure that all our customers get the kind of help they need during and after the application process. Our application process is kept up to date and relevant to our customers’ businesses by undergoing constant reviews and changes when needed.

    You don’t have to worry about studying new methods of improving your credit score or calculating your monthly balance when applying for a business fund from CapDeck. All you have to do is apply; we would handle the rest from there.

    No matter day or night CapDeck was always their to help me with my funding.
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    Funding in as quick as 24 hours. Call CapDeck now for all your funding needs.
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    The uniqueness of every business requires that our business funding options be as flexible as possible to accommodate as many businesses as we can. Our company’s goal is to ensure that regardless of your business’s financial history and current needs, you can always find a business funding solution that suits your business.

    All of our funding options come with zero hidden commitments and strings attached. As a business owner, you can use the fund that we grant you anyhow you want. The goal is to ensure that your business growth is not held back by policies and unyielding terms.

    To get the fund that your business needs, all you have to do is call us today!

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Why Choose CapDeck

    CapDeck is ready to help you and build a relationship with your business. We understand the loan processes of any business. We are here to help you with your current finance needs and your future funding needs. Overc

    CapDeck is interesting in learning more about your
    business and how we can work together to make is a successful business. We look forward to helping your business reaches the success is deserves.

    CapDeck vs. Banks

    Features Banks CapDeck
    Approvals within hours
    Funds the next day
    Renewable source of funds
    No personal collateral or assets
    Minimal paperwork