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from $5,000 up to $ 0
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as low as 0 %
Interest rate
1 - 0 years
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Traditional Loan with CAPDECK benefits

CapDeck also offers traditional business loans. You can quickly borrow between $5,000 and $2,000,000 and repay it over the next several years. Our usual repayment terms are anywhere between 1 and 10 years, although feel free to apply for a shorter-term loan.

Average interest rates are between 5% and 15% – we calculate those based on our risk analysis algorithm – to get an estimate use our Online Term Loan Application. Business term loans can be used for any purpose and don’t require collateral. They are based on your business’ credit score, average yearly or monthly revenue, and overall financial health.

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Loan Approval within Hours

Traditional Bank
Days, sometimes weeks waiting for decision

Funds Available on The Next Day

Traditional Bank
Days or weeks before the funds are released

Renewable Source of Funds

Traditional Bank
Single, Limited Loan with tight deadlines

No Personal Collateral or Assets

Traditional Bank
Collateral and Personal Assets needed

Minimal Paperwork

Traditional Bank
Volumes of paperwork and Formalities

We Understand Small Businesses

Traditional Bank
Prefer to work with large corporations

The CAPDECK Difference

Business Loans vs Business Financing

The best thing about CapDeck financing options is that it provides you with the funding you need without the restrictions and complications accompanying traditional loan models.
Does your business need a proper financing option?

Providing capital for small buisness owners since 2014

Since 2014, CapDeck has helped thousands of businesses in the United States get back on their feet.
We don’t just fund businesses to help sustain them; we help businesses grow to serve their customers even better.

Easy Online application doesn’t mean impersonal.

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