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Partnering with CapDeck

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The hallmark of a successful partner program is the rate at which
the partners succeed. Our CapDeck Partner programs are essentially designed to make our partners succeed. No more, no less.

We take pride in the unrivalled flexibility of our programs; programs that guarantee that your business will not want for resources and support needed for success.

In does not matter whether you are a veteran lender to small businesses or a startup in the lending industry, CapDeck has a formidable structure and well trained staff to boot, elements necessary for you to achieve your goals.

Partner Programs

Corporate & ISO Partner Program

This is a program specifically designed for businesses interested in sell funding options to small businesses. If you fall under the above category, and you in search of a partner organization capable of underwriting the funds while supporting you with unparalleled industry expertise, the Corporate and ISO Partner Program is for you.

Affiliate & Referral Program

If you are business invested in interfacing with small business owners and you are scouting for a partner capable of handling your entire sales funnel, consider this affiliate program. It will open up a revenue generation pathway of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about our Affiliate & Referral Program.