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Business Loans and Financing

Short-term Funding Solutions Designed with You in Mind

Every business has unique needs and how the business owner decides to go about satisfying those needs depends largely on the business model and type. One variable that is constant for all businesses is the need for funds required for the business to grow or expand by taking on new opportunities.

CapDeck provides small businesses with the funds that they need to face the challenges of running a small business successfully.

CapDeck believes in giving business owners access to capital when they need it and as much as they need to sustain or grow their business. We understand that the traditional lending models are not designed for most small businesses, which leaves many businesses without any option to fund their businesses.

We pride ourselves on not using the lending model used by traditional loan sources. We prefer to call ours a business funding process. Forget about maxing out your credit cards and filling out a myriad of paperwork only to be declined by your bank.

With CapDeck, the process is simple. You apply, and our account representatives will take you through the process of getting funds for your business with our proprietary underwriting process. At CapDeck, we are not interested in what your business has done in the past; we are more interested in what your business can do.

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CapDeck is ready to help you and build a relationship with your business. We understand the loan processes of any business. We are here to help you with your current finance needs and your future funding needs. 

CapDeck is interested in learning more about your business and how we can work together to make is a successful business. We look forward to helping your business reaches the success is deserves.


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We believe in your business and want you to succeed.

We value out clients and work with them towards the same goals.

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Loan Approval within Hours

Traditional Bank
Days, sometimes weeks waiting for decision

Funds Available on The NExt Day

Traditional Bank
Days or weeks before the funds are released

Renewable Source of Funds

Traditional Bank
Single, Limited Loan with tight deadlines

No Personal Collateral or Assets

Traditional Bank
Collateral and Personal Assets needed

Minimal Paperwork

Traditional Bank
Volumes of paperwork and Formalities

We Understand Small Businesses

Traditional Bank
Prefer to work with large corporations

The CAPDECK Difference

Business Loans vs Business Financing

The best thing about CapDeck financing options is that it provides you with the funding you need without the restrictions and complications accompanying traditional loan models.
Does your business need a proper financing option?

Providing capital for small buisness owners since 2014

Since 2014, CapDeck has helped thousands of businesses in the United States get back on their feet.
We don’t just fund businesses to help sustain them; we help businesses grow to serve their customers even better.

Easy Online application doesn’t mean impersonal.

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